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  Sculpture and Light:

My sculptures are informed by my experience as an Artist, Painter and continued practice as Blacksmith.  Using traditional forging and metalworking techniques, I aim to magnify elements of movement, pattern, scale and structure found in the natural world that inspires me. 
I also enjoy working with colour, textures and the reflective nature of different metals and materials.  My intention is to stimulate a feeling for these qualities but also in relation to the mutable and interactive effects of natural and artificial light as a medium. 
My fascination for the transcendent and emotional qualities of light is inspiring new work and investigation through sculptural installation and product design.


The elements that are integral to my artistic practice are as relevant as design and functionality in my work as a Blacksmith.   My intention is to combine the elegance and technique of decorative craft, with a contemporary edge.  I am skilled at working with a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and enjoy exploring their different qualities of malleability and surface finish.  The process of forging hot metal allows for its natural movement, as if I were ‘drawing’ with it.  Each hammer blow informs the next evolving into a tactile as well as visual piece. I work closely with clients to meet their site specific and artistic requirements to deliver bespoke and unique solutions for interior and exterior environments. 


‘Shivelight’ ~  Contains Art, East Quay, Watchet, Somerset.
March 28th – April 12th 2015  Open: 11am-4pm
The illusory medium of light is at once captivating and transformative.  Following on from a culmination of site-specific experiments, the container will be animated by a playful use of light and materials, distorting the space.
An interactive and sensory experience, this is an invitation to curiously engage with our perceptions, reflections and emotional response to light.         07392 212 190
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